Search for the best hotels using this comprehensive list of DOT-accredited hotels in Baguio.

The Philippine Department of Tourism has created an accreditation program for accommodations and other tourism-related enterprises across the country. The program will serve as the benchmark for the Philippine travel and tourism sector by employing stringent criteria to ensure that all of its members are of the utmost quality and are providing excellent service.



It may be difficult to choose between Baguio’s many excellent hotels. We’ve narrowed it down to ten for you to choose from if you don’t have time to look through them all. These hotels have received excellent or exceptional ratings from users.

  1. G1 Lodge Design Hotel
  2. Grand Sierra Pines Hotel
  3. Le Monet Hotel
  4. The Manor Baguio
  5. Microtel by Wyndham Baguio
  6. The Orchard Hotel Baguio
  7. Hotel Elizabeth Baguio
  8. Bpod Baguio
  9. Baguio Holiday Villas
  10. Venus Parkview Hotel

COMPLETE List of DOT Accredited HOTELS in Baguio City

List of DOT Accredited RESORTS in Baguio City

Photo of the Manor Hotel
The Manor Hotel Baguio

List of DOT Accredited APARTMENT HOTELS in Baguio City

  • Apartelle 7
  • Azalea Residences Baguio
  • EGI Albergo Hotel

List of DOT Accredited MABUHAY ACCOMODATIONS in Baguio City

Tourist inns, pension homes, motels, bed and breakfasts, guest houses, hostels, and other similar lodging establishments are referred to as “Mabuhay Accommodation.” 

  • 8 RVE Lanes Realty Corp
  • 2024 Baguio Apartments Real Estate Leasing
  • 87 Guesthouse
  • 181 North Place Residences
  • 3BU Hostel
  • A Hotel Baguio
  • ABWE Doane Rest
  • Aduro Aquino Real Estate Leasing (De Cozy Place)
  • Ashtan Transient House
  • AHB Inn
  • Aleph and Dalet Guesthaven
  • Alf’s Inn
  • Alfonso’s Campsite and Transient House
  • Amber Transient House
  • Amvill Court Property Management Services
  • Arc Residences
  • ARMAR’s Place
  • Ashburn’s Transient Baguio
  • Autumn Oasis Apartments
  • Baden Powell Hotel
  • Baguio Benguet Community Credit Cooperative
  • Baguio Condotel
  • Baguio GM Apartel
  • Baguio Transient Dot Com
  • Bag-C Vacation House
  • Baguio Vacation Apartments
  • Baguio Village Inn
  • Bang-Kito Condo Unit Rental
  • Balai Dominic Transient House
  • Baguio Tan Awan Lodging House
  • Basawil Transient House
  • Bender Transient House
  • Beng Boa Overview Apartelle
  • Benguet Prime Hotel & Restaurant
  • Bernabe’s Apartment
  • Blackhouse Transient House
  • Blue Mountain Hotel
  • Blueridge Haven Transient House
  • BPOD Pine Mountain Lodge
  • Brentwood Apartelle
  • Burgos B and B Transient House
  • Campo Filipino Dormitelle
  • Camp Riverside 2600 Bed and Breakfast
  • Carmela Transient House
  • Casa Bel
  • Casa Generosa
  • Casa Generosa (Branch)
  • Casa N Hostel
  • Casa Vallejo
  • Casalael Transient House

List of DOT Accredited HOMESTAYS in Baguio City

A homestay is a form of hospitality and lodging whereby visitors share a residence with a local of the area to which they are traveling.

  • Adelle’s Transient
  • Althea Sophia Transient House
  • AE’s Transient Home
  • AMARA Transient House
  • American Heritage Home Transient Inn
  • Aussie Inn
  • Arturo Samson Property Rental
  • Baguio Graysville Homestay
  • Babsplace Transient House
  • Balai Ruthanna Homestay
  • Bims Pride Realty
  • Capiral Transient House
  • Cherry Marie’s Homestay
  • Countrywoods realty
  • Destinys Transient and Boarding House (Engineers Hill Branch)
  • Destinys Transient and Boarding House (Salud Mitra Branch)
  • Destinys Transient and Boarding House (Trancoville Branch)
  • Elabiz Properties
  • Garden View Homestay
  • Highland Properties Residential Leasing
  • Ina’s Transient House
  • Joann Sophia Transient House
  • Joyrich Homestay
  • JV Espino Apartments and Transient House
  • KNM Boarding House
  • La Casa Jessonmar Homestay
  • LE COQ Bleu Homestay
  • Maligsa’s Homestay
  • Marie Flor Themes Real Estate Leasing
  • Mary’s Home Baguio House Rental
  • Mondrian Transient
  • Noants Lodging & Tours
  • Oval Era Villa
  • PBM Homestay
  • Pines Ville Rentals
  • Pinewood Home and Condo
  • Prevera Real Property Management
  • Retreat at Shirley’s Homestay
  • Rozz Anne Zianna’s Transient House
  • RG-TOX Cyber Café and Homestay
  • Saromines Real Estate Leasing
  • Toowan21 Transient House
  • Umaykan Transient House
  • Velasquez Transient House
  • Verceles Alambra Homes Home Stay
  • Wood Pine Real Estate Leasing
  • Yellow House Transient House
  • ZYA Transient House

The Purpose of DOT Accreditation

The purpose of hotel accreditation is to ensure that the establishment complies with government requirements. A government quality mark is a business seal of approval, a guarantee of competence and integrity, or a measure of quality. Having an agreement aids hotels in improving customer satisfaction.

Current Entry Protocols in Baguio

Aside from the minimum public health standards outlined in Alert Level 1, tourists should be aware of and follow the following city ordinances during their visit to Baguio City.

Learn about the Important Reminders for All Visitors to Baguio City. Read more…

Non-residents who wish to visit Baguio City for leisure should register with the Visitor Information and Travel Assistance (VISITA).

DOT Accredited Travel Agencies in Baguio

This list of travel agencies in Baguio is accredited by DOT or the Department of Tourism in the Philippines.

List of DOT Accredited Travel Agencies in Baguio

About Baguio

With its temperate climate, this is a great place to get away from the bustle of Manila. The city is also known for its tropical pine trees, earning it the title “City of Pines”. It is the highest significant Philippine city in terms of elevation. Baguio is renowned as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” due to its pleasant climate with an average temperature of 22°C. Tourists flock to this mountain city in the summer and during holidays such as Christmas and New Year. This quick guide to Baguio City contains a list of the city’s most popular attractions.
Photo of Baguio City Mountains,, Accredited Hotels in Baguio
Baguio City Mountains
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