Plan a stress-free holiday! This is a list of accredited travel agencies in Manila by DOT or the Department of Tourism in the Philippines.

The Purpose of DOT Accreditation

The purpose of accreditation is to guarantee that the agency meets government standards. A government quality mark can serve as a seal of approval for a company, as well as a guarantee of competence and integrity and a measure of quality. Travel agencies benefit from having an agreement because it helps them improve client satisfaction.

The Difference Between Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

Tour Operator is in charge of organizing, contracting, arranging, and putting all the tour’s many parts together, including your accommodation, transportation, meals, guides, optional tours, and sometimes your flight.

A Travel Agent‘s role is to assist you in choosing a package that meets your needs.

List of DOT-Accredited Travel Agencies in Manila Philippines

The following list of travel agencies in Manila is accredited by DOT or the Department of Tourism in the Philippines. This list is based on information from the DOT’s website, which was last updated on January 7, 2022.

It is preferable to book your own accommodations and plan your own adventures, but for those looking for total relaxation, these DOT-Accredited travel agencies in Manila will provide a stress-free vacation.

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CityTravel AgencyTypeAddressContactEmailAccreditaion NoValidity

Make Your Vacation Stress-Free with These Travel Agencies In Manila

List of DOT Accredited Hotels in Metro Manila

These comprehensive lists of DOT Accredited hotels allow you to search interactively for your comfortable stay. This list includes the establishment’s Department of Tourism accreditation number as well as its expiration date so that visitors can check the current status before reserving a hotel. Our database is updated on a regular basis to keep up with the Department of Tourism’s data.

Best Hotels in Manila

This list contains the best hotels in the Philippines. There are hotels everywhere, but picking which one is suitable for you might be difficult. The links below will take you to hotels ranging in price from the most affordable to the most expensive.

Best Attractions in Manila

Take a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Manila to learn everything you can about the city’s unique history. Have a scrumptious Filipino feast while learning about the culture. These activities in Manila are a fantastic way to learn about the culture of this fascinating city while also enjoying delectable Filipino cuisine.

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