Booking hotels via a mobile app is now preferred due to its convenience and well-organized structure. Many hotels and even smaller accommodations in the Philippines have partnered with popular hotel booking apps that are well-known throughout the country.

When compared to direct booking, booking through a third-party company has the advantage of lower prices. The app’s rating system is usually accurate, and the ability to search and filter by needs is useful.

Booking through tour and travel agencies is still very popular in the Philippines due to its ability to organize all of your travel needs. Tour packages are now available on many travel booking apps. Travel apps provide a competitive advantage by offering discounts and deals, as well as cashback or rewards.

Here are some of the best hotel booking apps for both Android and iOS that will make your trip to the Philippines stress-free and convenient.

1. Agoda

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Agoda App

Best for hotel and flight packages, with many deals and free cancellations.

The Agoda app makes it simple to book flights, airport transfers, and accommodations. This mobile app aims to make booking and trip planning easier and more time-efficient by locating and selecting the best resorts and hotels for your destination.

Search over 2 million properties worldwide by dates, guest details, payment options, price, star rating, rooms, and more.

Agoda’s search engines include a variety of travel locations, including hostels, apartments, extravagant hotels, and luxury villas, allowing you to sort items by property name, desired city, or basic landmarks. The app, which includes exclusive discounts, over 9 million traveler-approved reviews, and high-quality hotel and resorts photos, allows you to make quick and secure reservations through its seamless check-in.


Photo of | Best Hotel Booking Apps in the Philippines

The Best Platform for the Widest Range of Hotels Worldwide’s mobile reservation app is by far the most popular and comprehensive on the market. The application, which is gaining popularity in the Philippines, has over 800,000 lodging properties available for you to check out. is dedicated to improving accessibility when it comes to travel and accommodation, offering exquisite hotel deals, over 50 million guest reviews, and dependable, round-the-clock customer service.

You can also create a list of your favorite locations and share it with your family and friends via various social media platforms. You can also download offline maps and receive confirmation without the need for WiFi or data roaming.

Additional features like the option to view any loyalty discounts you might be eligible for give it the edge over the competition.

3. Tripadvisor

Photo of tripadvisor | Best Hotel Booking Apps in the Philippines

The best app for reading reviews and comparing prices to find the best accommodation.

This mobile application, which compiles massive amounts of comprehensive data from millions of global travelers, ensures that you have access to the best lodging offers, dining locations, intriguing attractions, and transportation options all in one place!

TripAdvisor, which has over 350 million videos and reviews from other users, allows you to compare airfare prices, sort restaurants by cuisine and ratings, and read feedback on some of the city’s most popular and lesser-known areas. You can receive information and notifications about restaurants and tourist areas near your current location by using the exclusive Near Me Now feature.

You can pre-download maps for the Philippines and other 300 cities on your phone to avoid overpriced data usage while traveling. 


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The Best Platform for the Most Diverse Hotel Selection in ASEAN and APAC makes it simple to search for and book a variety of flights and accommodations. It also provides travel necessities such as attraction tickets, tours, rental cars, and much more when you arrive at your destination.

5. Hopper

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The best app for forecasting prices based on historical trends.

Hopper isn’t your typical hotel booking app. It can predict the cost of a flight in the future, allowing you to decide whether to book now or wait until the price drops. Furthermore, when the price of the flight you’re interested in drops to its lowest point, you’ll get an instant notification, allowing you to book it in seconds.

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Our Favourite Hotel Booking App


Photo of | Best Hotel Booking Apps in the Philippines
Agoda App

Agoda is our favorite because of its low prices. It has consistently provided the best hotel booking deals. The user interface gives you a good overview of the best hotels, as well as the best deals for your trip. When you sign up, you will receive periodic alerts with appealing travel discounts, enticing you to travel and unwind. Try it here!

The rest of the apps are also must-haves. Tripadvisor is a good app to start if you are still planning your trip. It has the most well-known hotel reviews and ratings in the industry. has a great reputation, especially for international travel. The ability of to provide many travel necessities other than hotels is advantageous. Hopper’s predictive pricing will be a big hit very soon.

TIPS for Using Hotel Booking Apps in The Philippines

Be prepared with an internet connection because some hotels may require you to show or forward your booking email while you are already checking in. alternatively, you can take a screenshot or have a printed copy ready.

If you still prefer to book your trip through a travel agency, make sure the company is accredited by the Philippines’ DOT or the Department of Tourism.

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