The Philippines’ northern province of Abra is known for its magnificent landscapes, thriving culture, and top-notch tourism attractions. Experience something completely unique when you explore Abra, from the gorgeous Falls of Tineg to the ancient Churches.


Abra is a province in Northern Luzon on the western side of the massive Cordillera mountain range. Its capital is the municipality of Bangued. The deep valleys and sloping hills are surrounded by rugged mountains, except in the west, where the Abra River flows into the Ilocos Sur coastal plains. Ilocos Norte and Apayao are to the north, Mountain Province is to the south, Ilocos Sur is to the southwest, and Kalinga is to the east.



By Bus

There are three bus companies that run routes from Manila to Abra. The travel time is approximately ten hours.

    Cubao Terminal
    | 701 Newyork Corner Edsa Cubao, Quezon City | +639238458171
    Cubao Terminal
    | Aurora Blvd. Cubao, Quezon City | (02)727-1756, (02)727-8278, +639178193909
    Pasay Terminal | Aurora Blvd. Pasay City, Metro Manila | (02)851-4025, (02)725-1740, +639173186130
    Sampaloc Terminal
    | 1209 Dapitan St. Sampaloc, Manila | (02)741-6588
    Cubao Terminal | 697 Edsa Cubao, Quezon City

By Private Car

Use Waze or Google Maps to get precise directions.

  1. Travel north along the NLEX, SCTEX, TPLEX, and Manila North Road.
  2. Turn right at the Manila North Road and Abra-Ilocos Sur junction
  3. Continue to the Tangadan Welcome Tunnel, which serves as the Abra entry point.

By Air

Abra does not have any airports. Laoag International Airport is three hours away by car.


  1. Sinmimbaan Grove of Dolores
  2. Kaparkan Falls of Tineg
  3. Basakal Falls of Daguioman
  4. Apao Rolling Hills of Tineg
  5. Kili Falls of Tubo
  6. Boni Falls of Luba
  7. Tata Pilo, Kattukong Maker of San Quintin
  8. St. Catherine of Alexandria Church, Tayum
  9. Dadamoen View Decks, Danglas
  10. Loom Weaving in La Paz


Dolores Sinimbaan Picnic Grove

Photo of Dolores Sinimbaan Picnic Grove Libtec Dolores in Abra
Dolores Sinimbaan Picnic Grove Libtec Dolores

Sinmimbaan Grove is a tourist destination located in Dolores’ Barangay Libtec. Sinmimbaan’s name derives from its massive walls, which resemble those of an ancient church. A cool creek inside invites guests to swim.

Kaparkan Falls of Tineg

Photo of Kaparkan Falls of Tineg
Kaparkan Falls of Tineg
Photograph: Facebook/Abra Province

Kaparkan Falls is a relatively new tourist attraction. The falls in Abra come to life during the rainy season, which lasts from August to September. During the dry season, the limestone terraces are deserted. Kaparkan Falls is regulated by the local government. Visitors must arrive in groups because the falls can only accommodate 100 people at a time. Each batch is limited to three hours, so make the most of your time at this natural wonder.

Basakal Falls of Daguioman

Photo of Basakal Falls of Daguioman
Basakal Falls of Daguioman
Photograph: Facebook/Basakal Falls -Daguioman,ABRA

This is not your typical waterfall because it has a strong stream. At the pool’s entrance, rock formations protrude from the water, slowing the current on its way out to the river. The splash of falling water usually gets one side of the large open dome-like enclosure. Its water is refreshing and cool. Basakal Falls is about an hour’s walk from Barangay Ableg’s houses. To get to Basakal Falls, hike through rice terraces and along the irrigation canal wall. View the Labo Falls on your way to Basakal Falls. Swim, rock climb, and enjoy the view.

Apao Rolling Hills of Tineg

Apao Rolling Hills of Tineg
Apao Rolling Hills of Tineg
Photograph: Facebook/ABRAdventure

A panoramic view of the wave-like hills, with no large trees but only plain brown and green grasses, provides a relaxing atmosphere for visitors seeking cool and fresh air during the rainy season. The sea of clouds can also be seen in the early morning. Apao paradise hills is approximately an hour and a half drive from Bangued, the provincial capital. Before arriving at this location, you will travel through Tayum and the Don Mariano Marcos Bridge in Dolores and San Juan.

Kili Falls of Tubo

Photo of Kili Falls of Tubo
Kili Falls of Tubo

A hot spring hidden behind the main cascade flows into an icy-cold river. The weather is ideal for a swim. Because of its remote location on the outskirts of Tubo, Abra’s southernmost town, this destination does not attract many tourists. The trail from the village to the waterfall passes through scenic rice fields and a few hanging bridges similar to those found in Banaue, Ifugao, Benguet, or Mountain Province.

Boni Falls of Luba

Photo of Boni Falls of Luba
Boni Falls of Luba
Photograph: Facebook/Abra Province

Boni Falls is only a short distance from Poblacion. This natural wonder is best visited during the rainy season.

Tata Pilo, Kattukong Maker of San Quintin

Photo of Kattukong
Kattukong, Creation of Tata Pilo
Photograph: Facebook/ Abra Province

Tata Pilo, an expert artisan from Abra, Philippines, was awarded the Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan or National Living Treasure by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts for his dedication to the traditional craft of making gourd, locally known as kattukong or tabungaw hat weaving. Tata Pilo’s dedication to this craft elevated Abra’s culture and heritage.

St. Catherine of Alexandria Church, Tayum

Photo of St. Catherine of Alexandria Church, Tayum
St. Catherine of Alexandria Church, Tayum
Photograph: Facebook/Abra Province

Tayum Church is a 19th-century Baroque church in the town of Tayum, Abra, Philippines. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Bangued has jurisdiction over the parish church, which is patronized by Saint Catherine of Alexandria. The National Museum of the Philippines designated the church as a National Cultural Treasure in 2001.

Dadamoen View Decks, Danglas

Photo of Dadamoen View Decks, Danglas
Dadamoen View Decks, Danglas

Mt. Sedir, at around 1,050 meters above sea level, is one of Abra’s coolest spots. The Dadamoen View Decks offer visitors cool weather and a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape.

Loom Weaving in La Paz

Photo of Loom Weaving in La Paz
Loom Weaving in La Paz
Photograph: Facebook/Abra Province

Bulbulala, La Paz, produces the finest loom woven fabrics in Abra. The elegant and colorful “abel” is made using traditional weaving techniques. Finished products include shawls, pouches, laptop bags, pillowcases, and bedsheets.


  1. Oval Era Hotel
  2. Strutz Art Garden Resort
  3. Grand Robertos Inn
  4. Lucky’s Hotel & Restaurant
  5. Señorita Lydia Hotel


Oval Era Hotel

Photo of Oval Era Hotel
Oval Era Hotel
Photograph: Facebook/OVAL ERA HOTEL

Strutz Art Garden Resort

Photo of Strutz Art Garden Resort
Strutz Art Garden Resort
Photograph: Facebook/Strutz Art Garden Resort – Boutique Hotel

Strutz Art Garden Resort is a boutique hotel in the Philippine town of Bangued, Abra. It provides clean, secluded rooms in wide landscaped tropical gardens with a wide variety of different flowers and plants. Each room features original works of art by German painter Theo Strutz. All furniture is handcrafted in Abra. The hotel also host weddings, corporate gatherings, and birthday parties. The swimming pool is available to guests. Guests can relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of the splashing water in the koi pond. The hotel has a no-smoking policy. All of the rooms, as well as the reception and breakfast area, are wheelchair accessible. Check Rates…

Grand Robertos Inn

Photo of Grand Robertos Inn
Grand Robertos Inn

Grand Robertos Inn is located in Bangued. There are designated smoking areas at this hotel. On-site self-parking is available for free. Make yourself at home in one of the 11 air-conditioned rooms equipped with flat-screen TVs. Cable television is available for your enjoyment. Showers in private bathrooms include rainfall showerheads and complimentary toiletries. Check Rates…

Lucky’s Hotel & Restaurant

Photo of Lucky's Hotel & Restaurant in Bangued, Abra
Lucky’s Hotel & Restaurant
Photograph: Facebook/Lucky’s Hotel & Restaurant

Lucky’s Hotel has 15 rooms that can accommodate up to six people each. The rooms are comfortable and tastefully decorated. It has a terrace where you can simply relax and enjoy the view. There is also a large waiting area. It is equipped with 24-hour CCTV surveillance cameras to ensure your safety. The hotel provides room service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The rooms and lobbies are always kept clean.

Señorita Lydia Hotel

Photo of Señorita Lydia Hotel
Señorita Lydia Hotel
Photograph: Facebook/Señorita Lydia Hotel


  • LAGA FESTIVAL (2nd week of March)
    The town’s abundance of bamboo and the products manufactured from it are both celebrated at the Laga Festival. The Laga Festival, which takes place during the second week of March every year, is comparatively new compared to other Abra festivals but has since gained popularity because of the many events that are a part of the celebration and highlight the Ilocanos and Tingguians’ cultures through songs, dances, and their distinctive bamboo products. 

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