Bohol is the perfect destination for your next vacation. Explore the lovely beaches, take in the splendor of Chocolate Hills, and go on an adventure in the Loboc River.  Come explore the stunning tourist attractions in Bohol.


Whether you’re a nature lover or a beach bum, this guide will help you arrange the perfect itinerary for your next visit to the gorgeous province of Bohol.

  1. Chocolate Hills Natural Monument
    A geological feature consisting of nearly 1,200 hills that resemble chocolate mounds.
  2. Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary
    A sanctuary and conservation facility for the world’s smallest primates.
  3. Loboc River Cruise
    A picturesque boat excursion with live entertainment and a feast of regional cuisine.
  4. Alona Beach
    A well-known beach destination with lovely waters and white sand.
  5. Baclayon Church
    One of the Philippines’ oldest stone churches and a National Cultural Treasure.
  6. Hinagdanan Cave
    An underground cave featuring stalactites and a natural bathing pool.
  7. Panglao Island beaches
    A collection of beaches offering a variety of water sports and marine activities.
  8. Danao Adventure Park
    This adventure park offers zip lines, wall climbing, and water sports.
  9. Balicasag Island and Virgin Island
    Two of the best snorkeling and diving spots with crystal-clear waters.
  10. Blood Compact Monument
    A historical site commemorating the first friendship contract between Spaniards and Filipinos.
  11. Abatan River Firefly Tour
    A cruise of the Abatan River at night to witness the fireflies illuminate the mangrove trees.
  12. Bohol Countryside Mountain Bike Tour
    A mountain bike tour across the countryside to see the Chocolate Hills and other delights.
  13. Bilar Man-Made Forest
    A man-made forest with mahogany tree rows and a picturesque drive.
  14. Cambuhat Village and River
    A village trip to learn about the culture and traditions of the area.
  15. Hilltop 360 View Park
    A panoramic view of the Chocolate Hills and its surroundings.
  16. Bet n Choy Farms & Resort
    A farm resort featuring organic vegetables and agricultural activities.
  17. Balay Kabilin
    A museum dedicated to preserving and promoting Boholano tradition and culture.
  18. Tibaw Cave Pool
    A natural pool within a cave is ideal for swimming and relaxing.
  19. Sevilla Hanging Bridge
    A bamboo bridge with a breathtaking view of the river and surrounding vegetation.
  20. Zoocolate Thrills Theme Park
    A theme park with diverse animal exhibits and rides.


Bohol is a paradise of lush, unspoiled beauty. Gentle coves and white sand beaches trace the island’s shoreline. Bohol is noted for its coral reefs and other remarkable geological features like the Chocolate Hills. These about 1,200 symmetrical mounds on Carmen’s main island turn cocoa-brown during the dry season, striking out against the jungle’s lush vegetation.

Photo of Chocolate Hills in Bohol
Chocolate Hills in Bohol


Bohol is located in the center of the Philippines. It is located around 70 kilometers southeast of Cebu and roughly 700 kilometers south of Manila.


  1. Alicia
  2. Anda
  3. Antequera
  4. Baclayon
  5. Balilihan
  6. Batuan
  7. Bien Unido
  8. Bilar
  9. Buenavista
  10. Calape
  11. Candijay
  12. Carmen
  13. Catigbian
  14. Clarin
  15. Corella
  16. Cortes
  17. Dagohoy
  18. Danao
  19. Dauis
  20. Dimiao
  21. Duero
  22. Garcia-Hernandez
  23. Guindulman
  24. Inabanga
  25. Jagna
  26. Jetafe
  27. Lila
  28. Loay
  29. Loboc
  30. Loon
  31. Mabini
  32. Maribojoc
  33. Panglao
  34. Pilar
  35. President Garcia
  36. Sagbayan
  37. San Isidro
  38. San Miguel
  39. Sevilla
  40. Sierra Bullones
  41. Sikatuna
  42. Tagbilaran City
  43. Talibon
  44. Trinidad
  45. Tubigon
  46. Ubay
  47. Valencia


  1. Alicia
  2. Bagatusan
  3. Bagong Banwa
  4. Balicasag
  5. Banacon
  6. Banbanan
  7. Bansaan
  8. Batasan
  9. Bay Sa Owak
  10. Bilangbilangan
  11. Bonbon
  12. Bosaan
  13. Buabuahan
  14. Bugatusan
  15. Busalian
  16. Cabilao
  17. Cabul-an
  18. Cabantulan
  19. Cabgan
  20. Calangaman
  21. Cancoslino
  22. Calituban
  23. Cataban
  24. Catang
  25. Cati-il
  26. Cuaming
  27. Gak-ang
  28. Gaus
  29. Guindacpan
  30. Hambongan
  31. Hingutanan
  32. Inanoran
  33. Jaguliao
  34. Jandayan
  35. Jao
  36. Juagdan
  37. Lapinig
  38. Lapinig Chico (Tres Reyes)
  39. Limasoc
  40. Lumislis
  41. Ma-agpit
  42. Mahanay
  43. Makaina
  44. Makalingao
  45. Malingin
  46. Mantatao Daku
  47. Mantatao Gamay
  48. Maomauan
  49. Maubay
  50. Mocaboc

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