In the predominantly Catholic nation of the Philippines, Holy Week is a significant religious occasion. The final week of Lent is known as Holy Week, and it is a time to remember Jesus Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection. Traveling during this week is special and thrilling since different events and religious traditions are observed all around the country. In this complete guide, we will look at the different occasions, events, and traditions that make up Holy Week in the Philippines. We will also provide tips and recommendations for those who want to participate in this religious and cultural festival.


Holy Week in the Philippines is a significant religious observance for many Filipinos, as the country has a predominantly Catholic population. It typically takes place during the last week of March or the first week of April, leading up to Easter Sunday. Here is a brief overview of the different events and practices that occur during Holy Week in the Philippines:

  1. Palm Sunday
    On this day, Holy Week officially begins as Jesus’ triumphant arrival into Jerusalem is remembered. To represent the coming of Jesus, many churches arrange processions where participants wave palm fronds.
  2. Holy Monday
    It is an important day in the Christian faith as it signals the start of the penultimate week of Lent, a time of fasting, prayer, and repentance. Attending mass, taking part in religious processions, and other rituals and traditions that vary based on the region and culture are how Holy Monday is traditionally observed.
  3. Holy Tuesday
    People commonly observe Holy Tuesday by going to mass, participating in religious processions, and observing various regional and culturally particular rituals and traditions.
  4. Holy Wednesday
    Wednesday is typically observed by attending mass, participating in religious processions, and other rituals and traditions. It is also known as Spy Wednesday or Good Wednesday because Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve apostles, betrayed Jesus on that day.
  5. Maundy Thursday
    This day honors the Last Supper, a supper that Jesus had with his apostles just before being crucified. A “washing of the feet” ritual is practiced in many churches to imitate Jesus’ deed of humility.
  6. Good Friday
    Today is the holiest day of Holy Week since it marks the anniversary of Jesus’ crucifixion and death. Participating in the “pabasa,” which is a traditional chorus of Christ’s passion, is how many Filipinos mark this day.
  7. Black Saturday
    It’s a quiet day of contemplation, with many people considering the emptiness and anguish of Jesus’ death.
  8. Easter Sunday
    This is a joyous occasion, remembering the resurrection of Jesus. Several churches hold “salubong,” an early-morning parade in which participants carry figurines of Jesus and Mary and congregate in front of the structure, to symbolize their reunion following his resurrection.
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During Holy Week, a large number of Filipinos embrace additional religious traditions such as fasting, meat abstinence, and church attendance. The Pampanga and Marinduque provinces of the Philippines are well known for their elaborate Holy Week traditions. Holy Week is a solemn and important religious event in the Philippines, hence visitors are advised to respect local traditions and customs during this time.


The Holy Week in the Philippines is observed during the week leading up to Easter Sunday, which falls between late March and late April depending on the lunar calendar. Specifically, Holy Week starts on Palm Sunday and ends on Black Saturday.


In the Philippines, Holy Week is observed during the final week of Lent, between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. April 2, 2023, will mark the beginning of Holy Week, which will culminate on Easter Sunday, April 9, 2023.

DateDayDescriptionHoliday Type
2 AprSundayPalm SundayObservance (Non-holiday)
3 AprMondayHoly MondayObservance (Non-holiday)
4 AprTuesdayHoly TuesdayObservance (Non-holiday)
5 AprWednesdayHoly WednesdayObservance (Non-holiday)
6 AprThursdayMaundy ThursdayRegular Holiday
7 AprFridayGood FridayRegular Holiday
8 AprSaturdayBlack SaturdaySpecial Non-working Holiday
9 AprSundayEaster SundayObservance (Non-holiday)
Holy Week 2023 In The Philippines


  1. Manila
    A variety of religious events and processions are held in the capital city, such as the Visita Iglesia, in which followers visit various churches for prayer and reflection.
  2. Pampanga
    The dramatization of the crucifixion in San Fernando and the penitential walk, or “Via Crucis,” in Angeles City are two of this province in Central Luzon’s distinctive Holy Week customs.
  3. Batangas
    Due to its abundance of beaches and resorts, this province to the south of Manila is a well-liked vacation spot for individuals who want to retreat during Holy Week.
  4. Cebu
    This Visayan province is well-known for its vibrant and lively Holy Week processions, which include a recreation of the Passion of Christ at Mandaue City’s “Sugat” or “Encounter” festival.
  5. Marinduque
    The Moriones Festival, a distinctive event involving inhabitants dressed in vibrant costumes and masks representing Roman troops around the time of Christ, is celebrated annually in this small island province in the Mimaropa region.
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Photo of Jesus Carrying the Cross | Holy Week Observance in teh Philippines
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