Samar Island Natural Park is unique among all Philippine locations. One of the nation’s most diversified ecosystems is created by the combination of mountain islands, forested ridges, and wide grasslands. This enchanted island is home to numerous indigenous cultures that have existed here for many years. It also has an abundance of vegetation and fauna.


The Samar Island Natural Park in Samar is the largest contiguous tract of old-growth forest in the Philippines. It is the country’s largest terrestrial protected area, covering 333,300 hectares.

The park encompasses the former Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park, the former Calbiga Caves Protected Landscape, the former Taft Forest Wildlife Sanctuary, the former Jicontol Watershed Forest Reserve, and the former Bulosao Watershed Forest Reserve, as well as other well-known natural landmarks and landscapes on the island.

It is a biodiversity and endemism hotspot in the Philippines, and it is home to several threatened species from the Eastern Visayas and Mindanao biogeographic regions.

Samar Island Natural Park is managed by a Protected Area Management Board, a multi-sectoral body comprised of representatives from LGUs, NGAs, POs, NGOs, and the DENR in charge of policy formulation and the overall administration of the Protected Area.

Photo of Sohoton Cave at Samar Island Natural Park
Sohoton Cave
Photograp by Lawrence Ruiz. Panhulugan Cliff at Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park. 30 September 2015.

This immersive video of Samar Island Natural Park takes you on an enchanting tour of the Philippines’ largest terrestrial protected area. There are soothing waterfalls, expansive rivers, and caves among the vast, tree-covered landscape, including the Langun-Gobingob System, the country’s largest cave system.

Video: Tourism Philippines. (12 Aug 20222022, Aug 12). Samar Island Natural Park Tour. YouTube.
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