Cebu Ocean Park offers more than just aquatic animals. This captivating facility exceeded our expectations and proved to be a must-visit destination for families with children.

Discovering More Than Aquatic Animals

Contrary to its name, Cebu Ocean Park showcases not only marine life but also species from the air and land. We were pleasantly surprised by the variety of animals on display, as we had not done extensive research prior to our visit.

A Mini Zoo Experience

The park’s well-designed pathways take you through different animal habitats, resembling a mini zoo. Each section provided delightful encounters with unexpected species. The reptile section was a particular highlight, evoking both goosebumps and adoration.

Feathers and Flight

The sight of colorful birds in the park was refreshing, and we highly recommend catching the captivating bird show, which became the highlight of our outdoor experience.

The Enormous Fish Tank

As advertised, the enormous fish tank lived up to its awe-inspiring reputation. The diversity of aquatic species left us in constant amazement.

Overall Experience

Cebu Ocean Park is a must-visit destination for families with young children. While the pricing may not be the cheapest, investing in long-lasting memories for your kids is priceless. We suggest purchasing tickets online for better deals, although obtaining them at the park itself is hassle-free. As the park is conveniently located beside SM Seaside, you can consider having your lunch or dinner in the mall, as the dining options within the park can be expensive. Remember to have some extra cash for souvenirs at the gift shops near the exit, ensuring your kids don’t leave empty-handed.

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Cebu Ocean Park receives an excellent rating from Our team of young explorers couldn’t contain their excitement, proving that this family-friendly facility is a true gem. From the unexpected animal encounters to the mesmerizing bird show and the marvels of the enormous fish tank, Cebu Ocean Park offers an unforgettable experience for all ages.

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Dive into the wonders of Cebu Ocean Park

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