The advent of the new year brings with it the anticipation of fresh opportunities and the chance to embark on various endeavors. Central to planning for the year ahead is the officially designated national holidays that punctuate our calendars with moments of celebration, reflection, and rest. The Philippine public holidays 2024 have been meticulously outlined by Malacañang, giving Filipinos the ability to strategically schedule their annual activities. Following the signing of Proclamation No. 368 by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the national days of observance—spanning significant historical, cultural, and religious events—have been formally announced, offering a framework for timely and harmonious planning. The Philippine Holiday Calendar 2024 is not only a tool for marking important days but also serves as a guide for maximizing these periods for relaxation and family bonding. With the national holidays Philippines 2024 declared, it is now possible to navigate through the year with a well-informed perspective on both work and leisure.

Key Takeaways

  • President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s proclamation provides a detailed list of the 2024 holidays in the Philippines.
  • Understanding the Philippine holiday calendar 2024 aids in efficient year-round planning.
  • Both regular holidays and special non-working days are included in the national holidays Philippines 2024.
  • An adjustment has been made to the Chinese New Year holiday date, enhancing long weekend opportunities.
  • The early release of the holiday list allows Filipinos to manage their time for work, celebration, and rest.

Introduction to 2024 Holidays in the Philippines

A new year invites us to contemplate our aspirations and activities, and in the Philippines, the official holidays of 2024 serve as landmarks for such reflections and festivities. Thanks to the foresight of Malacañang Palace, the 2024 Holidays Philippines guide is now available, providing Filipino citizens the advantage of advanced planning. As with each year, these holidays embody the cultural fabric and historical tapestry of the nation, offering a time for both jubilation and reverence. Let’s explore the impact of the holidays on Philippine holiday planning and consider their significance as we navigate the year.

  • The proclamation of official dates ensures that Filipinos can organize their work, celebrations, and downtime effectively.
  • Long weekends present an opportune time for recharging and deepening family ties.
  • Economic transactions can be aligned with these said dates to avoid disruptions and optimize efficiency.

The announcement of the official holidays 2024 provides both a narrative of the nation’s identity and a practical roadmap for personal and professional scheduling. It encompasses regular holidays that pay homage to pivotal moments in Philippine history and special non-working days that offer respite and relaxation. To support meticulous planning throughout the year, a detailed overview of the holidays is presented below in a comprehensive table format.

This strategic alignment of holidays with weekends is purposed to maximize the advantage of these breaks. As Filipinos envision their schedules, they are empowered to blend solemn nationwide commemorations with personal leisure, crafting a balanced and fulfilling year ahead.

Official Proclamations Defining the 2024 Holidays Philippines

With the onset of 2024, the citizens of the Philippines are provided with an official roadmap of the year’s holidays, articulated through the careful planning and declarations made by Malacañang. The outlines of these days of observance, validated by the office of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., are instrumental in guiding Filipinos for various annual events, closures, and celebrations.

Malacañang Palace’s Announcement

The Palace’s announcement, pivotal for the nation’s calendar year, saw a meticulous listing of dates that stand out as significant markers for 2024. With this official proclamation of the Philippines holidays, an air of anticipation envelops the nation as people look to balance their work and personal lives around these celebrated times.

Proclamation No. 368 Overview

At the heart of this timely guidance is Proclamation No. 368, a document bearing the Presidential seal that enumerates the regular holidays and special non-working days for the upcoming year. A magnifying glass on the 2024 public holiday decree shows it to be a purposeful spread across the calendar, allowing for well-spaced breaks and remembrances. Among these, the regular holidays in 2024 Philippines include notable days such as Independence Day, National Heroes Day, and the reverent periods of Holy Week.

Adjustment in Date for Chinese New Year

In an interesting twist and elegant execution of a holiday date adjustment, Proclamation No. 453 indicates a shift in the date for the Chinese New Year 2024 Philippines celebration. Initially set for February 10, this special non-working holiday has been moved to February 9. This adjustment purposefully allows an extended weekend, favoring family gatherings and cultural festivities across the archipelago.

2024 Regular Holidays and Their Significance

The cadence of life in the Philippines is punctuated by an array of Philippine regular holidays that hold deep historical, religious, and cultural significance. As we embrace the year 2024, it’s vital to recognize these important dates Philippines 2024 as they represent not just periods of downtime, but also offer opportunities for commemoration and national unity. The list of regular holidays is a reminder of the country’s vibrant past, its struggles for freedom, and the resilient spirit of its people. Emphasizing the national celebrations the Philippines underscores their role in the social fabric, as each holiday serves as a chapter in the nation’s story, reflecting a collective identity.

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Here’s a tableau of the Philippine regular holidays for 2024, highlighting their significance and the values they embody:

DateDay of WeekHolidaySignificance
January 1MondayNew Year’s DayCelebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ
March 28ThursdayMaundy ThursdayCommemoration of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles
March 29FridayGood FridayObservance of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ
April 9TuesdayAraw ng KagitinganHonoring the valor of Filipino veterans during World War II
May 1WednesdayLabor DayTribute to the economic and social achievements of workers
June 12WednesdayIndependence DayCelebration of Philippine independence from Spanish colonial rule
August 26MondayNational Heroes DayRecognition of the national heroes of the Philippines
November 30SaturdayBonifacio DayBirth anniversary of Andres Bonifacio, founder of the Katipunan
December 25WednesdayChristmas DayCelebration of the birth of Jesus Christ
December 30MondayRizal DayRemembrance of the martyrdom of national hero Jose Rizal

Each holiday echoes the triumphs and sacrifices that have shaped the Philippines. As we mark our calendars with these important dates for the Philippines 2024, we’re encouraged to reflect on their roles in our shared history. The observance of these national celebrations Philippines helps keep the memories of our national heroes alive, fuels our patriotism, and enriches our understanding of the nation’s cultural heritage, ensuring that the legacy of these important events continues to be honored by this generation and beyond.

2024 Special Non-Working Days in the Philippines

The Philippine calendar for the year 2024 is generously peppered with special non-working holidays that beckon for vacation planning 2024. These additional holiday dates not only observe key events but also offer the perfect opportunity for much-needed rest. They represent more than just time away from work; they embody the spirit of Filipino culture and give everyone the chance to recharge and make lasting memories with loved ones.

Long Weekends to Anticipate

Prepare your itineraries because the year 2024 is studded with several long weekends perfect for those mini-vacations or staycations. Thanks to a harmonious alignment of traditional festivities and rest days, Filipinos can enjoy extended breaks during significant events, including the Chinese New Year, Holy Week, National Heroes Day, All Saints’ Day, and the year-end stretch leading into New Year’s Day. These long weekends are an ideal time to explore local destinations or unwind in the comfort of one’s home.

Additional Special Non-Working Days

Beyond the typical festive holidays, the Philippines 2024 long weekends are supplemented with special non-working holidays Philippines that add to the total tally of reprieve days. Black Saturday, All Souls’ Day, and Christmas Eve are crucial dates featured in the 2024 holiday observances. Even though the EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary is absent this year, these additional dates ensure that every Filipino’s rest and rejuvenation needs are met.

HolidayDateDay of the WeekObservance
Chinese New YearFebruary 9FridaySpecial Non-Working Day
Black SaturdayMarch 30SaturdaySpecial Non-Working Day
All Saints’ DayNovember 1FridaySpecial Non-Working Day
All Souls’ DayNovember 2SaturdaySpecial Non-Working Day
Christmas EveDecember 24TuesdaySpecial Non-Working Day

Take advantage of these breaks to step away from the hustle and bustle of daily responsibilities. Whether you immerse yourself in local festivities, embark on a cultural journey, or simply gather for intimate family time, the 2024 special non-working holidays are your stepping stones to a well-balanced life, reflective of the vibrant Filipino way of living.

Planning Your Vacations Around 2024 Long Weekends

With the 2024 Philippine holiday schedule now published, it’s the perfect time for Filipinos to start vacation planning on long weekends. The necessity to maximize our holiday breaks cannot be overstated—as these are precious opportunities to decompress and create memories. Let’s break down the long weekends and strategize so you can utilize these breaks to their full potential.

Whether you’re a beach lover yearning for the shores of Boracay or a culture enthusiast eager to roam the historic streets of Vigan, the long weekends in 2024 are a goldmine for travel aficionados. Below is a guide to help you organize your holiday getaways and make the most out of the Philippines’ festive spirit and tropical milieu.

  • Consider the dates falling adjacent to weekends: These are ideal for taking a short leave from work and extending your rest period.
  • Look out for periods around important celebrations as they often combine regular and special holidays.
  • Book flights and accommodations well in advance to avoid the rush and secure the best deals.
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By proactively looking at the calendar, you can orchestrate a series of mini-breaks throughout the year that enable you to unwind without the strain of last-minute planning. Here’s a quick look at some 2024 long weekends ideal for exploring the Philippines or even embarking on international journeys to visa-free destinations for Filipinos.

Long WeekendDatesDurationPotential Activities/Venues
New Year’s CelebrationDecember 30-January 13 daysCity celebrations, family gatherings
Chinese New YearFebruary 9-113 daysCultural festivals, culinary adventures
Holy WeekMarch 28-314 daysReligious observations, beach retreats
National Heroes DayAugust 24-263 daysHistorical tours, museum visits
All Saints’/All Souls’ DayNovember 1-33 daysFamily reunions, cemetery visits
Rizal Day & New Year’s EveDecember 28-314 daysYear-end celebrations, country escapades

The careful orchestration of your vacation time during the announced 2024 Philippine holiday schedule will guarantee you enjoy maximizing holiday breaks. Not only does it allow for comprehensive respite, but it also contributes meaningfully to personal fulfillment and well-being.

Cultural and Historical Celebration Dates in 2024

The fabric of Filipino society is richly interwoven with a tapestry of cultural and historical events that are commemorated throughout the year. The 2024 calendar in the Philippines is dotted with these significant dates, serving not just as a reason for reprieve from the daily grind, but also as a means to remember and honor the nation’s narrative and diversity. Among these are holidays that celebrate the bravery of national heroes and those that respect the sacred observances within the Islamic community.

Remembering National Heroes

In the collective memory of the nation, days like Araw ng Kagitingan and National Heroes Day are poignant reminders of the courage and self-sacrifice that have long been the underpinning of Philippine independence and integrity. These holidays provide an opportunity for the country to engage in Philippine national heroes’ remembrance, acknowledging the individuals who played pivotal roles in creating the Philippine story. Such observances not only honor the past but also inspire present and future generations to uphold the values of patriotism and valor.

Eid’l Fitr and Eid Adha: Understanding Islamic Holidays

Distinct from the historical 2024 holidays are the Islamic holidays of Eid’l Fitr and Eid’l Adha, which have profound significance within the Muslim community. These days are characterized by vibrant cultural celebrations and spiritual reflection. Eid’l Fitr 2024, marking the end of Ramadan, and Eid’l Adha celebration, known as the Feast of Sacrifice, will be determined according to the Islamic calendar. It is a time when the values of charity, devotion, and community are observed and celebrated. These special occasions embody the multifaceted nature of festivities in the Philippines and play a crucial role in the country’s commitment to cultural inclusivity and diversity.

Please note that the dates for these Islamic holidays Philippines 2024 will be announced following official recommendations by the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos, reflecting the lunar calendar.

Top Destinations to Visit During 2024 Philippine Holidays

The year 2024 is ripe with opportunities for exploring some of the most coveted Philippine holiday destinations. Whether it’s the pristine beaches of Boracay, the enchanting lagoons of Palawan, the historical charm of Cebu, or the varied flavors of Davao, each holiday can be a portal to new adventures and experiences. For those engaging in travel planning Philippines, here’s a guide to unleashing the full potential of the 2024 vacation spots within the archipelago and beyond.

Adventurers and tranquility-seekers alike can find solace or excitement in the array of destinations that the Philippines has to offer. To aid you in your quest for the perfect holiday escape, we’ve compiled a list of top locations that sync well with the climatic and festive timing of the country’s official days off. So let’s take a glimpse at what your 2024 holiday itinerary could look like.

Philippine HolidayVacation SpotActivities
Independence Day
June 12
BoracaySunbathing, Island Hopping, Party Beach Nights
Maundy Thursday & Good Friday
March 28-29
PalawanUnderwater Exploration, Retreat to Ecotourism Sites
Chinese New Year
February 9
CebuCultural Festivals, Historical Tours, Gastronomical Treats
Labor Day
May 1
DavaoMountain Climbing, Wildlife Encounters, Fruit Market Visits
Christmas Season
BaguioCool Weather Retreat, Strawberry Picking, Festive Pine City Tours
New Year’s Day
January 1
TagaytayLakeside Views, Horseback Riding, Volcano Trekking
All Saints’/Souls’ Day
November 1-2
SagadaCaving, Echo Valley Hanging Coffins, Indigenous People’s Culture
National Heroes Day
August 26
BoholChocolate Hills Adventure, River Cruising, Tarsier Encounters

Your travel planning in the Philippines might also extend beyond local shores to international trips. The Philippines offers a selection of 2024 vacation spots that cater to varied tastes and interests, promising a cornucopia of experiences for globe-trotters and elegantly fitting into the established Philippine holiday calendar.

  • For beach enthusiasts savoring the dance of the sea breeze: **Boracay** remains timeless with its white sands and vibrant nightlife.
  • Those favoring a communion with nature can venture to **Palawan** and its majestic cliffs soaring above emerald waters.
  • History buffs can trace the Spanish colonial era within the storied walls of **Cebu City** or the cobblestone streets of **Vigan**.
  • Urban dwellers seeking a reprieve will find solace in the pine-scented air of **Baguio** or the tranquil views of **Tagaytay**.
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Let the official 2024 Philippine holidays be your guide to a year filled with travel wonders. By harmonizing your vacation times with the diverse Filipino festivities and long weekends, you not only honor the culture and history of the land but also enhance your narratives with experiences that last a lifetime.

Workplace and School Planning for 2024 Holidays

As we usher in the year 2024, Philippine workplace holiday planning becomes pertinent for businesses to maintain productivity during holidays, while educational institutions collaboratively structure the academic calendar to foster a conducive learning environment. Aligning holiday schedules with company operations and school curricula can optimize business performance and ensure seamless academic progression for students.

Maximizing Productivity Around Holidays

Incorporating the corporate holiday calendar into strategic planning is essential for the corporate sector. Businesses are encouraged to designate these periods to not only respect the tradition of observing nationally recognized holidays but to also reap benefits in terms of rejuvenated employee morale and productivity post-break. Here are key approaches:

  • Advance project management to ensure critical tasks are completed or covered during holiday times.
  • Rotating staffing arrangements to provide continuous service when feasible without compromising the holiday spirit.
  • Considering flexible working hours surrounding holidays to accommodate diverse employee needs.

Academic Scheduling for Students and Educators

Synchronizing the academic calendar Philippines with the holiday roster is pivotal for educational institutions seeking to empower both educators and students. This alignment provides strategic breaks that can double as enriching student holiday activities or academic catch-up sessions. Let’s delve into how schools can implement these schedules:

HolidayDateImpact on Academic CalendarSuggested Activities
New Year’s DayJanuary 1Start of the year break resumesNew Year’s Eve community service or outreach programs
Holy WeekMarch 28 – March 31Mid-Semester reflection periodReligious activities, dormitory bonding sessions
Independence DayJune 12Lessons on Philippine history leading to the holidayHistorical reenactments, nationalistic themed debates
National Heroes DayAugust 26The start of the year break resumesCultural museum visits, biography readings of Filipino heroes
Christmas BreakDecember 25End of year respite; preparations for final exams post-holidayChristmas-themed campus events, charity drives

For the successful application of the holiday calendar in schooling, educators can maximize these intervals as checkpoints for evaluating academic performance and orchestrating extracurricular ventures that solidify the cultural understanding and national identity among pupils.


As we cast a final glance at the 2024 holiday calendar for the Philippines, a comprehensive blueprint emerges to guide individuals, families, and communities throughout the year. The precise orchestration of these holidays, from festive commemorations to solemn remembrances, underscores their intrinsic value to the Filipino way of life. In blending culture, relaxation, and remembrance, the Philippines 2024 holiday summary enables synchrony of celebrations that are ingrained in the national ethos.

Empowered by this foresight, planning for Philippines holidays becomes less about fitting life into a schedule and more about weaving the tapestry of life around culturally significant milestones. These days serve as an impetus for rejuvenation and reflection, encouraging Filipinos to pause their daily endeavors and engage collectively in traditions that are pillars of national pride. Whether capturing moments of heroism or savoring the warmth of cultural festivities, each public holiday offers a distinct narrative that contributes to the year’s collective memory.

With the anticipation of these special dates, individuals can approach the year with foresight, laying out plans that marry the demands of daily obligations with the final thoughts the 2024 holidays foster. These periods of respite are not merely breaks in a calendar but symbolize the nation’s heartbeat. As such, each holiday etched into 2024 is an invitation to step into a rhythm that balances work, culture, and relaxation in the life of every Filipino.


What are the official Philippine public holidays for 2024?

The Philippines will observe ten regular holidays including New Year’s Day, Araw ng Kagitingan, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Labor Day, Independence Day, National Heroes Day, Bonifacio Day, Christmas Day, and Rizal Day. Additionally, several special non-working days such as the Chinese New Year, Black Saturday, Ninoy Aquino Day, All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day, Christmas Eve, and the Last Day of the Year.

Has the date for the Chinese New Year 2024 in the Philippines been adjusted?

Yes, Malacañang has officially adjusted the date for the 2024 Chinese New Year celebration to February 9, enabling an extended long weekend.

What are the significant regular holidays in the Philippines for 2024?

The significant regular holidays in the Philippines for 2024 include national celebrations like Independence Day and Araw ng Kagitingan, which honor the country’s historical events and heroes, as well as religious holidays like Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Christmas Day.

Which special non-working holidays in 2024 will create long weekends?

In 2024, Filipinos can anticipate long weekends during the Chinese New Year, the observance of Holy Week, and on National Heroes Day, All Saints’ Day, and the end-of-year holidays including Rizal Day and New Year’s Day.

How can I plan my vacations around the 2024 long weekends in the Philippines?

With the release of the official 2024 Philippine holiday calendar, you can plan your vacations by checking the dates that fall adjacent to weekends. For example, you might plan a trip on weekends that are extended due to a Friday or Monday holiday.

What cultural and historical dates are celebrated in the Philippines during 2024?

Cultural and historical dates celebrated in the Philippines in 2024 include Araw ng Kagitingan on April 9, Independence Day on June 12, National Heroes Day on August 26, and Bonifacio Day on November 30.

How are Islamic holidays like Eid’l Fitr and Eid’l Adha determined?

The observance dates for Islamic holidays like Eid’l Fitr and Eid’l Adha are determined in accordance with the Islamic lunar calendar. The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos recommends the actual dates for official recognition.

What are some top destinations to visit during Philippine holidays in 2024?

During Philippine holidays in 2024, top destinations include tropical locations like Boracay and Palawan, cultural hubs like Cebu and Davao, or international destinations that offer visa-free travel to Filipinos.

How should workplaces and schools plan for the 2024 holidays?

Workplaces should incorporate the Philippine holiday schedule into their annual planning to ensure productivity and allow time for employee rest. Schools can align their academic calendar with these dates to ensure the continuance of education while respecting official holidays.

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