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Cheap Flights from Manila to Boracay

Finding cheap flights from Manila to Boracay can be a time-consuming and difficult task. Traveling, on the other hand, is made much easier with the assistance of This article allows you to search for flights from various sources in order to find the best deal for your needs.

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Piso Fare

₱ 1.00 BASE FARE from

Cebu Pacific offers flight discounts from Manila to Boracay. Cebu Pacific is the best-rated airline in the Philippines. They provide a variety of discounts, including fare promotions, flight deals, and more.

Fligths Deals from Manila to Boracay

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Fare Deals is an international travel website that offers hotel and flight discounts. They have a wide range of destinations all over the world, allowing travelers to see the world without breaking the bank. They also provide packages that include tours and attractions such as hiking, monument visits, shopping, fishing, and more!


Manila to Boracay Flight Time

The flight from Manila, Philippines to Boracay takes 1.h hours.


How far is Boracay from Manila

The distance between Manila and Boracay is 440 km.

About Boracay

Boracay is known for being one of the world’s top leisure locations. The international vacation journal Travel + Leisure named Boracay the Best Island in the World for 2012. Boracay is a small island that is located off the northwest coast of the island of Panay in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. It is approximately 7 km long and the narrowest spot is less than one kilometer wide, with a total land area of 10.32 square km. The island consists mostly of white sand beaches, palm trees, and crystal clear water. Boracay is a popular vacation destination for tourism. It is known for its white-sand beaches, a wide variety of accommodations, and food that ranges from Western to local cuisine. Find out more in this quick guide to Boracay Philippines.

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