Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind and exciting travel experience that combines the best of two incredible destinations? Take a look at the direct flights between Cebu and Baguio! These two cities have a multitude of cultural, historical, and natural attractions, and you can now visit both in a single unforgettable trip. Book your direct flight from Cebu to Baguio today and begin planning your ultimate Philippine adventure.


*Note: These timetables were created based on the announcements made during the 2022 launch. The schedules may change in the future. To check availability for your selected travel period, go to the airlines’ websites.


Departing Mactan Cebu Airport at 8:50 AM
Arrival at Baguio Loakan Airport at 10:50 AM



Departing Baguio Loakan Airport at 11:10 AM
Arrival at Mactan Cebu Airport at 01:00 PM



These sample reservations are from off-peak periods. A typical round-trip ticket costs roughly 10,000 Philippine Pesos.

Visit the Philippine Airlines website at to check rates for your travel dates.

Photo of Cebu-Baguio Flights Air Ticket Price
Cebu to Baguio Air Ticket Price
Baguio to Cebu Air Ticket Price
Baguio to Cebu Air Ticket Price


Commercial flights in Loakan Aiport in Baguio City were discontinued in 2009 after safety concerns and a lack of adequate landing aids were brought up by airline firms that had previously operated the Manila-Baguio route.

The Regional Development Council (RDC) in the Cordillera requested that the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) provide the necessary funding support in the amount of approximately P420 million to modernize the Loakan airport and make it the gateway to the Cordillera.

The local government made an effort to reach an arrangement with the Department of Transportation (DOTr) that would allow the latter to take over airport management so that it could find private partners with the necessary operating expertise.

PAL Express has already made the acquisition of new planes that can fly into and out of the Loakan airport. The Loakan airport has a runway measuring around 1.6 kilometers long that can only accommodate small planes that need to taxi for a short distance before taking off.

Cebu Pacific also declared its intention to launch a service between Cebu and Baguio.

San Miguel Corporation (SMC) also signaled its intention to partner with the city government in the ultimate operation of the Loakan airport to help revive the city’s tourism business.

The City Buildings and Architecture Office (CBAO) issued demolition notices for approximately 110 structures within the Loakan airport’s designated 150-meter buffer zone in 2020 as part of the local government’s efforts to clear the airport of obstructions that will prevent its opening for commercial operation.

The DOTr and CAAP invested P68 million in the airport terminal’s renovation, which included upgrading the essential Instrument Landing System (ILS), which will let aircraft land and take off even in inclement weather.
Additionally, CAAP addressed the issue of the runway being at least 100 meters shorter than its current length of 1.683 meters.

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Philippine Airlines will begin offering direct service between Baguio City and Cebu by December 2022.

The direct flights between Cebu and Baguio provide travelers with a unique and exciting opportunity to visit two amazing destinations in one unforgettable trip. These two incredible cities have it all, whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, culture, or cuisine. Take advantage of this convenient and inexpensive travel option and get the best of both worlds. Book your Cebu-Baguio direct flight today and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

About Baguio

With its temperate climate, this is a great place to get away from the bustle of Manila. The city is also known for its tropical pine trees, earning it the title “City of Pines”. It is the highest significant Philippine city in terms of elevation. Baguio is renowned as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” due to its pleasant climate with an average temperature of 22°C. Tourists flock to this mountain city in the summer and during holidays such as Christmas and New Year. This quick guide to Baguio City contains a list of the city’s most popular attractions.


About CEBU

Cebu is the “hidden paradise” of the Philippines. The city of Cebu and its surrounding areas offer a wide range of vacation options, from water-based activities like diving and snorkeling to hiking, world-class shopping, and sightseeing at historic and cultural attractions. With its amazing natural beauty, easy accessibility, and high customer satisfaction, Cebu is the best place to visit in the Philippines. Find out more in this quick guide to Cebu.

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Hotels in Cebu City: Hotels in the center

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Cebu R Hotel Capitol★★★-34% 1 731 1 138View hotel
OYO 187 The Maxwell Hotel★★-20% 1 500 1 192View hotel
OYO 210 Apple Tree Suites★★-30% 1 615 1 137View hotel
Elegant Circle Inn★★★-15% 1 731 1 469View hotel
Harolds Evotel Cebu★★★★-33% 3 577 2 397View hotel
Crown Regency Hotel & Towers - Multiple Use Hotel★★★★-7% 3 519 3 268View hotel
Golden Prince Hotel & Suites★★★-22% 3 288 2 572View hotel
Hotel Elizabeth Cebu★★★★-24% 3 519 2 670View hotel
Pacific Pensionne★★-24% 1 154 881View hotel
Quest Hotel & Conference Center - Cebu★★★-8% 4 211 3 855View hotel


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