Out Back Resort | Best Resorts in Subic

Out Back Resort is a nice small hotel directly on the beach that is fairly priced. The rooms are tidy and up to date. The staff is courteous and welcoming.

Mangos Beachfront Resort | Best Hotels in Subic

# Philippine Destinations, Beaches, Resorts, Mangos Beachfront Resort, Subic Zambales About What’s so great about Mangos Beachfront Resort ? Olongapo City is roughly a 15-minute jeepney ride away from the…

Blue Rock Resort and Dive Centre

Blue Rock Resort and Dive Centre has a relaxing, homey atmosphere. The entire crew is kind and helpful. The restaurant serves delicious food and is open 24hrs.

Subic Bay Yacht Club | Best Resorts in Subic

# Philippine Destinations, Beaches, Resorts, Subic Bay Yacht Club, Subic Zambales About Subic Bay Yacht Club is a popular alternative for visitors to Subic. With a comprehensive array of amenities,…

Segara Suites | Best Resorts in Subic

The rooms are big, really comfy, clean, and serene. The location is fantastic. The bay walk is only a short distance away. The hotel is not crowded, and the surrounding area is tranquil, giving the impression that you are in a secluded area/resort. The room is spacious and well-kept. The complimentary breakfast is excellent.

Club Morocco Beach Resort and Country Club

The hotel is located near the city center and provides easy access to the city’s essential amenities. The hotel’s great position allows for quick access to the city’s must-see attractions. The resort has a fantastic pool, a water park, and a bowling alley. The food is great, and at night, you can enjoy a bonfire on the beach.

Amanente’z Beach Front Resort | Best Resorts in Subic

Amanente’z Beach Front Resort is a popular alternative for both business and pleasure guests, providing excellent accommodations in Subic’s sports, nightlife, and beaches sectors. The restaurant has a beautiful view of the beach and bay, and the prices are lower than those of the other coastal restaurants.

Subic Coco Hotel | The Best Resort Hotels in Subic

The rooms are clean. The breakfast is delicious. The staff is friendly and accommodating. It is very close to Ayala Harbour Point and can be reached on foot. Checking in is simple. Many restaurants offer a wide range of cuisines. Shopping malls are easily accessible.