There are only a few places where you can immerse yourself in a truly breathtaking environment. Club Tara Resort in Bucas Grande Island, Surigao del Norte, Philippines is one such destination, known for its undisturbed tranquillity and soul-pleasing comforts. With cottages perched on stilts immersed in the water and excellent facilities, the resort complements the setting and picturesque scenery. Each accommodation is a haven where guests can enjoy unrivaled pleasure and comfort. In fact, each room has its own lanai with a view of the sea and a jacuzzi, in addition to other modern amenities, to provide complete relaxation and pampering. In addition to these, the resort has a restaurant, a swimming pool, and a poolside bar.
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Bucas Grande Island, Surigao Del Norte, Philippines

Photo of Club Tara Resort | Lanai with a Sea View - Unique Resorts in the Philippines

The Most Unique Resorts in the Philippines

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