Throughout the year, the Philippines marks a number of holidays. There are various Philippine Festivals in February, with the following being some of the more notable. They attract a considerable number of tourists from both within the country and from around the world.

Babaylanes Festival

Bago City, Negros Occidental, February

This exhibit highlights the culture of Bago City’s initial settlers prior to the arrival of Spanish colonists. The babaylan, according to Negros histories, is a doctor, herbalist, artist, adviser, herbalist, seer, diviner, and agriculturist. In the past, this person was thought to have access to the spirit world and to be blessed with both spiritual and physical healing.

Babaylanes Festival, Philippine Festivals in FEBRUARY

Baguio Flower Festival

Baguio City, February

A colorful display of flowers, floats, and costumes. parades, fireworks, and a food sale are all anticipated. It is also known as Panagbenga, and it is a feast that marks the beginning of the flowering season. Float and street dancing parades, the Market encounter, Session road in Bloom, Pony Boys’ Day, and other sports, barangay, and school-based events are among the traditional activities.

Baguio Flower Festival, Philippine Festivals in FEBRUARY 2022

Cagsawa Festival

Daraga, Albay, February

The celebration commemorates the 1814 Mayon Volcano explosion, which buried the Cagsawa chapel and hundreds of people. The Cagsawa Festival begins at the historic and world-renowned Cagsawa Ruins, a popular attraction in Bicol.

International Bamboo Organ Festival

Las Piñas, February 20 – 27

This is a ten-day series of cultural events centered on Fray Diego de la Cera’s unique bamboo-made organ, which can only be found in Las Pias. This event promotes classical music and national heritage.

It will be conducted on February 18-20, 2022 at 8PM PH Time, and we will be virtual for the second time due to the constraints imposed by the COVID-19 epidemic.

YouTube Channel: International Bamboo Organ Festival (Official)

Kalilangan Festival

General Santos City, South Cotabato, February

This event includes cultural performances, a civic/military fair, an agro-industrial fair, a sports tournament, and a beauty contest. The festival’s name. Kalilangan, comes from the Maguindanaoan word kalilang, which meaning “festival” or “celebration.” It is a social gathering characterized by the exchange of goods between traditional leaders, elders, allies, and subordinates.

Karanowan Fish-Tival

Balo, Camarines Sur, February

A ceremony to promote Lake Bato’s abundant aquatic resources. Participants are dressed in fish-like costumes depicting the various species of fish, derived from the local dialect “ranow,” which means “lake.” Karonawan Fish-Tival is a celebration of the beauty and bounty of Bato in order to inject and instill the importance of preserving and conserving the these natural resources as major sources of food and as potential tourist attractions.

Mahaguyog Festival

Sto. Tomas, Batangas, February – March

It is an annual event held every Saturday in February as a prelude to the feast day of St. Thomas of Aquinas, the town’s Patron Saint, as a show of gratitude and thanksgiving by the farmers for the abundant harvest of crops they reap all year. It also supports the National Government’s One-Town, One-Product (OTOP) program, which encourages livelihood and entrepreneurship through agri-tourism. Mahaguyog is coined from agricultural products grown abundantly in the Municipality, MAis, HAlaman, GUlay, niYOG.

Nangkaan Festival

Maigo , Lanao del Norte, February

A festival that showcases langka or jackfruit which is one of the town’s major products. This Maigo Municipality celebration includes a street dancing competition with aqua and an agricultural fair. The search for Ms. Maigo and the fashion show featuring langka are the festival’s highlights.

National Arts Month: Bikol Arts Festival

Legazpi City, February 1-28

A month-long festival highlighting the region’s arts and culture, crafts, and agro-industrial products from the several provinces and cities. It falls during National Arts Month. Several activities have been planned, including the Festival Parade, Essay Writing Contest, and Poster Making Contest. Fashion Show, Laro ng Lahi, and so on.

Ollalion Festival

Tabuk, Kalinga, February 14

The festival celebrates the Kalinga culture through its sports, crafts, and indigenous food. It is a wonderful expression of the Kalingas’ heroic exploits, sentiment, thrills, triumphs, and sorrows, as well as their way of life from birth to death.

Paraw Regatta

Strait between Iloilo City and Guimaras Island, Every third Sunday of February

The Philippines’ best sports tourist event, as well as Asia’s oldest and largest traditional sailing event. This celebration includes races between local outriggers in the strait between Iloilo City and Guimaras Island.

Patunob Festival

Binuangan, Misamis Oriental, February 9

A prominent religious celebration in which devotees travel to the shrine of Birhen sa Lourdes to reaffirm their vows and ask for petitions and blessings by lighting candles. Procession, parade, cultural entertainment, and trade fair are all part of the celebration. Patunob sa Birhen sa Lourdes is a healing rite performed by Binuangan healer worshippers. Patunob is a Visayan term that means “to be trampled on.”During the fluvial procession, worshippers pray and sing to their patron saint. The boats, which are part of the fluvial float contest, are decked with flowers and bright streamers and accompany the Our Lady of Lourdes float. 

Seafoods Festival

Taguilon, Dapitan City, February

Kagang is a crab species found in seven (7) Dapitan coastal barangays: Taguillon, Banbanan, Carang, and Baylimango. Kagang Festival began in February 2014 and has been held annually since then. The festival will include the traditional manner of preparing kagang, which will be available for visitors to try. The event was intended to reinvigorate declining interest in authentic and traditional tasty dishes containing kagang as the main component.

Sibug-Sibug Festival

Province of Zamboanga Sibugay, February

A week-long festival that is celebrated during foundation day on the province of Sibugay. The streets are decorated with brilliant buntings and packed with spectators waiting for the colorful street dancing depicting wedding and healing ceremonies, indigenous people groups’ way of life, and themes to promote advocacies during the festival.

Sunggod Ta Kamanga

Doña Ressing Park, Quezon Bukidnon, February

A festival of ethnic custom and tradition in honor of its original inhabitants, the Manobos. Sunggod Ta Kamanga means to prepare the tools for the new farming season. The Manobos–the festival is one of the must-see ethnic events because of its distinctiveness and vivid displays depicting the culture and traditions of the early occupants of Quezon (originally Kiokong). 

Taytay Hamaka Festival

Taytay, Rizal, February

This is a seven-day festival displaying Taytay’s artistry, craftsmanship, and varied talents.

Tinagba Festival

Iriga City, Camarines Sur, February

The first harvest offering is a tradition that coincides with the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. Derived from the early rites of the ancient Bicolanos, who offered their harvest to their gods as a form of thanksgiving and to seek favor for a more bountiful harvest throughout the year. The residents parade their best bullcarts, which are driven by men and women dressed in traditional colorful regalia.


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