The Philippines has a number of holidays throughout the year. There are several Philippine Festivals in June with the following being some of the more noteworthy.

List of Philippine Festivals in June

Araw ng Cotabato

Cotabato – June 12 – 20
This is the city’s most important festival. This festival celebrates the city’s founding day.

Daet Pineapple Festival

Daet, Camarines Norte – 3rd week of June
This festival honors St. John the Baptist, the province’s patron saint. It focuses on the Queen Formosa pineapple, which is the sweetest variety grown in abundance on this side of the world. To celebrate this, a week of events, concerts, seminars, activities, and pageants are held each year.

Ginubat Festival

Gubat, Sorsogon – June 11-12
Ginubat Festival is a street dance and play about the history of Gubat, Sorsogon before the Spaniards arrived. The Spanish conquistadores established the town of Gubat on June 13, 1764. Local historians from the Local Government of Gubat, Sorsogon, wrote and published the Ginubat narrative, which means “raid,” “war,” or “attacked” by fish or Moro raiders. The Patron Saint, San Antonio de Padua, is celebrated in June and the Ginubat Festival is part of the weeklong Gubat fiesta.

Hibok-Hibok Festival

Camiguin Island in Camiguin Island – June 24
The celebration honors St. John the Baptist. Streets, homes, and businesses are closed and empty during this festival. Beaches, on the other hand, are teeming with happy people. Residents make an effort to swim in the sea. It is considered a sin or taboo not to spend time camping and bathing on the island’s shores, as this is an ancient tradition. 

Kamalig Festival

Camaligan, Camarines Sur – June 5 – 13
An annual celebration of the foundation day Municipality of Camaligan.

Lechonan sa Baroy

Baroy, Lanao del Norte – June 10
A grand parade of lechon or roasted pig. Baroy has long been known as the home of the best lechon (roasted pig) in the region, and the annual celebration is officially recognized by the Department of Tourism. It is celebrated as a grand parade of “lechon” in the main town plaza decorated with various vegetables, spices, crops, and other edible items fresh from the farm in Baroy, Lanao del Norte.

Naligayan Festival

Agusan del Sur – 2nd week of June
The Naliyagan Festival is a province-wide celebration in Agusan del Sur that begins on June 12, the Philippine Independence Day, and concludes on June 17, the Foundation Anniversary. The festival honors the Manobo people’s devotion to their tribal leader, Datu Lipus Makapandong. The Naliyagan festival is a day of thanksgiving among the natives for the year’s bounties. As a result, they bring their agri-industrial products to the valley for the people to buy and enjoy during the festival.

Naro Festival

Dimasalang, Masbate – June 17 – 19
Celebration of the founding anniversary of the Municipality ofr Dimasalang.

Piña Festival

Ormoc City – June 23
The Piña Festival is a celebration of the abundant pineapple crop in the city. It also pays homage to Saints Peter and Paul, who are the patron saints of the city. The Pina Festival wishes to emphasize not only Ormoc’s delectable queen pineapple, but also every Ormocanon’s lovely and cheerful demeanor.

Photo of Street dancing at Piña Festival

Pagdayao Festival

Tacloban, Leyte, Masbate – June 11 -12
In Masbateno dialect, pagdayao means “act of praising, honoring, and thanking.” The event represents the faith of the Masbate people, which is embraced by the majority of Bicolanos. The festival takes place on the same day as Masbate’s annual St. Anthony de Padua feast. To commemorate the town’s past, activities such as a Historico-Cultural Street Presentation, an Agro-Industrial Fair, a Sports Tournament, and the Search for Miss Masbate are organized.

Parada ng mga Lechon

Balayan, Batangas – June 24
Residents of Balayan, Batangas, hold a lechon parade every year. Various lechons line up down the path, each with their unique gimmick. The world-famous “Parada ng Lechon” started in an old working-class thanksgiving ceremony in what used to be a poor and depressed region of Balayan, Batangas’ Kanluran district. Aside from the extended celebration, the Hermandad and the hundreds of clubs in the Kanluran area are decorating the streets with gigantic streamers, cheerful banners and buntings, bright uniforms, and souvenir t-shirts, as well as beer drinking and live bands. All of these factors combine to make the fiesta a more authentic joyous and exhilarating event. Local and international tourists, small and large businesses, and national and international media converge on Balayan, Batangas to observe and participate in the country’s friendliest, lavishest, and most distinctive fiesta celebration.

Piat Sambali Festival

Piat, Cagayan – last week of June
The Sambali Festival is a religious and cultural festival that celebrates the Christian roots of the Itawis region. The festival lasts a week and honors Piat’s culture, religion, and history. Piat’s culture and tourism rely heavily on this festival. The festival’s fun-filled festivities include the Entrance of Our Lady of Piat, Floral Offering, Dance Number, Little Miss Piat and Miss Piat Sambali competitions, Farmer’s Day, Colorful street dance, Street parade, and Marian procession.

Pinangat Festival

Camalig, Albay – June 10 – 24
An annual event in honor of the town’s patron saint, St. John the Baptist, held annually June 10-24 to coincide with the local fiesta. The festival takes its name from the Pinangat, a world-famous local delicacy.

Pinyasan Festival

Daet, Cam. Norte – June 15 – 24
This festival is an annual celebration of the foundation day of the town of Daet. The celebration promotes the town’s culture, agricultural product, and tourism. Pinyasan means Pineapple which is the primary agriculture product of the Daet.

Pulang-Angui Festival

Polangui, Albay – June 15-30
his is a festival in Polangui that is derived from a legendary maiden named Pulang-Angui who loves to wear red colors of dresses.

Sagayan Festival

Tubod, Lanao del Norte – June 28 – July 2
A major event in the province of Lanao del Norte. Sagayan is a Philippine battle dance performed by the Maguindanao, Maranao, and Iranun peoples that depicts in dramatic way the steps taken by their hero, Prince Bantugan, when he first put on his armaments, the conflict he fought in, and the victory that followed. It’s a noble, brave, and honorable dance.
Male dancers portray ferocious warriors with a shield with shell noisemakers in one hand and a double-bladed sword in the other, attempting rolling moves to defend their master.

San Juan sa Hibok-Hibok Festival

Province wide Camiguin – June 23-24
San Juan sa Hibok is a town in the Hibok province of the Philippines. The festival is dedicated to St. John the Baptist. 

Saulog Festival

Province of Zamboanga Del Norte – June 1-6
A weeklong celebration of the founding anniversary of the Province of Zamboanga del Norte. “Saulog” means thanksgiving to the Almighty for the abundant flow of blessings bestowed to the people of each municipality and the province as a whole.

Tabak Festival

Tabaco City – June 15 – 24
A celebration of the founding anniversary of the City of Tabaco and the feast of Saint John the Baptist. The festival honors Tabaquenos for their dedication and creativity in handcrafting their own silverware. It is derived from the phrase “tabak ko! tabak ko!” in English, which means “my sword, my sword!” The “blacksmiths” of Barangay Cobo in Tabaco City are well-known.

Tacloban Festival

Tacloban, Leyte – last week of June
The festival features three main events: the Subiran Regatta, a sailboat race held at the San Juanico Strait’s eastern entrance, Balyuan, a pageant reenacting the historic exchange of images between Basey, Samar, and Tacloban City, and the Pintados Festival, in which participants paint their bodies and dance to the beat of bamboo sticks.

Photo of Pintados Festival, Philippine Festivals in June


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