Experience the thrill of white water rafting and enjoy a cold natural spring with Malumpati River Tubing!

ABOUT Malumpati Cold Spring

Malumpati Cold Spring, also known as Malumpati Health Spring and Tourist Resort, is a natural haven for peace, swimming, and relaxation. It is a natural swimming pool 20 meters wide, 40 meters long, and 3 to 4 meters deep in the center, with crystal clear and free-flowing water from the upstream to the downstream end of the famous Bugang River.

The main attraction is the natural pool, which is fed by cool and clear water from the river’s various natural springs. The Malumpati Forest, surrounded by lush green vegetation, is home to two of the world’s most endangered hornbills: the “Visayan Writhed-billed Hornbill” (Aceros Wadeni), locally known as “Dulungan,” and the “Visayan Tarictic Hornbill” (Penelopides panini), locally known as “Tirik.” These hornbills can only be found in Panay and Negros islands.


Sitio Malumpati, Guia, Pandan, Antique

Photo of Malumpati Cold Spring
Malumpati Cold Spring

Experience the Blue Lagoon and the Eco-Cold Spring Adventure

Prepare to be wowed by the picturesque scenery of Antique province on this day trip to Malumpati Cold Spring and Bugang River. River tubing in one of the cleanest rivers in the Philippines! If you want to go on an eco-adventure tour, this is a must-do. As you ride the waters of the Bugang River in a massive donut, you and your family/friends will undoubtedly have an unforgettable experience.

Photo of Water Tubing in Malumpati Cold Spring
Malumpati Cold Spring
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