The Philippines celebrates a variety of holidays, including Filipino Christmas, which is one of the most important and is marked by lavish celebrations. There is also the tradition of giving gifts to relatives and friends. There are also a number of Philippine festivals in December, and the following are some of the more significant.

List of Philippine Festivals in December

  1. Christmas Symbols
  2. Kahumayan Festival
  3. Paskuhan sa BarangaySan Fernando Giant Lantern Festival
  4. Kamundagan Festival
  5. Subayan Keg Subanon
  6. Pasko sa Tanjay Festival
  7. Fiesta de Agoo
  8. Sinadya
  9. Hanging of the Green
  10. Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion
  11. Pagdiwata
  12. Dad-Iw Day-eng Chants
  13. Karisyohan Han Pasko Ha Palo
  14. Philippine International Lantern Parade
  15. Christmas Among the Tribes
  16. Simballay Festival
  17. Shariff Kabunsuan Festival
  18. Pastores Bikol
  19. Maytinis Festival
  20. Salubong

Philippine Festivals in December

Christmas Symbols

Tangub City

Tangub City puts on a breathtaking show of Christmas Symbols and concerts, which frequently include lit reproductions of famous locations from throughout the world.

Kahumayan Festival

Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte

A ceremony of appreciation for the abundance of rice in the area. Rice products and cuisines such as budbud, biko, bingka, espasol, palitao, puto, kalamay, and arroz valenciana are included at the event. Rice is referred to as humay in Visaya.

Paskuhan sa Barangay

Parian, Cebu City

Nightly cultural performances from Cebu City’s several universities.

San Fernando Giant Lantern Festival

Philippine Christmas Village, San Fernando, Pampanga

This is a lantern display where kaleidoscope patterns adorn lanterns ranging in size from 14 to 18 feet in diameter. A competition of huge parol lanterns is held during the celebration. The city has been dubbed the “Christmas Capital of the Philippines” due to the festival’s popularity.

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Kamundagan Festival

Naga City

A parade of lights in Naga to celebrate the birth of the child Jesus The kiri-kiti, pastoras, beauty contest, agro-industrial fair, civic procession, cultural presentations, and other colorful events are among the highlights of the festival.

Subayan Keg Subanon

Ozamiz City

A celebration to commemorate the anniversary of Ozamiz becoming a chartered city on July 16, 1948. This celebration honors the Subanon lumads or indigenous people’s traditional beliefs and traditions. Traditional songs, dances, and ceremonies are featured at the Subayan Keg Subanon Festival.

Pasko sa Tanjay Festival

Tanjay, Negros Oriental

This is a month-long Christmas celebration including cultural performances and competitions.

Fiesta de Agoo

Agoo Civic Center, Agoo Basilica

This includes a Lantern Festival, Miss Agoo’s crowning, and the presentation of Bannuar ti and Dakilang Datu Awards.


Roxas City

A thanksgiving and sharing celebration. Sinadya, a city festival, and Halaran, a province festival, have merged to form the event.

More information is available on Roxas City’s website.

Hanging of the Green

Zamboanga City

Children participate in the “hanging of the green,” which marks the beginning of the Christmas season.

Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion

Puerto Princesa City

This is a big event in honor of the city’s patroness, with a parade of many representations of the Virgin Mary as the focal point.

For citizens and visitors to Puerto Princesa City, the century-old church of the Immaculate Conception Parish has served as a spiritual haven. The cathedral was constructed during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines in the late 1800s and is made of cement rather than limestone. It resembles a typical Philippine church except for its color. The arches within and outside the church are pointed, and the architecture features angular components. 

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This is the Tagbanuas’ thanksgiving celebration and a tribal ritual requesting God to heal the sick. Men participate in the rite, which includes drinking rice wine with the spirits. The Tagbanuas congregate in the house of the babaylan, or priestess, to whom the spirits speak after the harvest.

Dad-Iw Day-eng Chants

Bakod, Benguet

This includes performances of Ibaloi and Kankana-ey tribal songs and dances.

Karisyohan Han Pasko Ha Palo

Palo, Leyte

Showcases cultural performances, as well as a choral concert and Christmas Eve service at Palo Cathedral.

Philippine International Lantern Parade

Asia World Complex Roxas Blvd., and Quirino Grandstand

This is a huge colorful parade with local bands, indigenous groups, vintage cars, and calesas, as well as lanterns from many nations.

Christmas Among the Tribes

Cabarroquis, Quirino

This entails indigenous organizations in Quirino making house visits to provide Christmas gifts.

Simballay Festival

Nabunturan, Davao Province

Mansaka dances, neo-ethnic shows, street dancing, and a spectacular parade are among the highlights of this week-long event.

Find out more from Simballay Festival’s Official Facebook Page.

Shariff Kabunsuan Festival

Cotabato City

This is a commemoration of Shariff Kabunsuan’s and Islam’s arrival in Mindanao.

Find out more on Cotabato City’s Tourist Information Facebook Page.

Pastores Bikol

Legaspi City

This features boys and girls dressed up as shepherds who are overjoyed at the birth of Jesus. Pastores Bikol is a Spanish-era ritual symbolizing the shepherds’ joy at Jesus Christ’s birth. The Department of Tourist has included this event in its histroico-cultural and tourism development plans in conjunction with the City Government of Legazpi and the Provincial Government of Albay for several years.

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Maytinis Festival

Kawit, Cavite

This is a town-wide re-enactment of Mary and Joseph’s quest for a room on the night before Jesus’ birth.


Plaridel, Bulacan

This is a parade of dancing women, horses, and calesas leading to Barangay Sipet to fetch Santiago Maria Moros.


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