Mount Hibok-hibok also known as Catarman, is a stratovolcano that lies 20 kilometers north of Mindanao and forms the island of Camiguin. Four minor craters lie nearby, and the peak is covered in loose ejecta. Prior to 1948, sulfur was mined at one of the craters. Lakes can be found in the other craters. Volcanic eruptions and land movements developed the Camiguin island, which is rich in natural wonders and historical treasures. It is home to seven volcanoes and numerous volcanic domes. The island is also regarded as one of the world’s top 10 dive spots. It is home to some of the Philippines’ most stunning waterfalls. Katibawasan Falls, which cascades 229 feet into a plunge pool below, is one of the most famous falls on the island.

Camiguin Island in the Philippines

Explore Camiguin

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