Cabongaoan Beach is a kilometer-long golden-white sand beach on the western coast of Burgos, Pangasinan. The water at Cabongaoan Beach is crystal clear and calm, making it ideal for swimming and snorkeling.


Cabongaoan Beach is famous for its “Deathpool. The Death Pool is a natural pool or lagoon on the far right side of the beach. It’s one of the reasons Cabongaoan Beach has grown in popularity as a Pangasinan tourist destination.

Nature lovers and photographers flock to the area to take in the breathtaking view of the Death Pool, beautiful rock formations, and pristine beach. It also became a popular location for prenuptial photo shoots in Pangasinan

Locals coined the term “Death Pool” because it suited the site’s thrilling effect. 

This natural pool and other rock formations on Cabongaoan Beach were formed by the constant lapping of tidal waves against the shore over the centuries.

Photo of Cabongaoan Beach
Cabongaoan Beach


Address of Cabongaoan Beach

Burgos, Pangasinan, Philippines


By Bus

  1. From Cubao, take the Victory Liner or FiveStar bus to Alaminos or Bolinao.
  2. Get off at Alaminos Bus Station.
  3. From the Victory Liner terminal, take the bus to Sta. Cruz.
  4. Get off at Burgos town proper.
  5. Take a tricycle to Cabongaon Beach.

By Private Car

  1. Take NLEX-SLEX-TPLEX to Lingayen, Pangasinan.
  2. Travel east to Alaminos.
  3. From Alaminos, follow the road signs to Dasol. Drive until you reach Cabongaon Beach Burgos in Burgos.


  • Pristine white sand beach
  • Clear blue waters
  • Beautiful rock formations with natural pools
  • A death pool
Photo of Rock Formations in Cabongaoan Beach
Rock Formations in Cabongaoan Beach


Tour of Cabongaoan Beach and Death Pool

Visit this untouched jewel of Burgos, Pangasinan, and get away from the city. Relax while basking in the sun and swimming in its clear blue waters. Go on an adventure and visit the well-known Death Pool, which is only a short distance from the beach.
Learn more…

Photo of Death Pool in Cabongaoan Beach
Death Pool at Cabongaoan Beach


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