When it comes to tropical paradises, few places can rival the enchanting beauty of Coron and El Nido. Nestled in the Palawan province of the Philippines, these two destinations have captivated the hearts of travelers from around the world.

Coron and El Nido boast breathtaking landscapes that include crystal-clear turquoise waters, majestic limestone cliffs, and pristine white sand beaches. As popular tourist hotspots, they offer a variety of attractions and activities that cater to different interests and preferences.

The Allure of Coron

Coron is a veritable gem in Palawan’s crown, renowned for its stunning natural beauty and rich history. Situated on Busuanga Island, this captivating destination is famous for its abundance of World War II shipwrecks lying beneath its azure waters.

Diving enthusiasts flock here to explore these submerged relics that have become thriving artificial reefs over time. In addition to its underwater wonders, Coron offers captivating landmarks such as Kayangan Lake, often hailed as one of the cleanest lakes in the Philippines.

With its emerald-green waters framed by towering cliffs, this hidden oasis provides an idyllic setting for swimming or snorkeling amidst a tranquil natural environment. Twin Lagoon is another highlight of Coron’s ethereal beauty—one that has been sculpted by nature’s hand.

This unique formation consists of two interconnected lagoons separated by a narrow opening in towering limestone cliffs. Exploring this marvel entails swimming through an underwater tunnel—a thrilling experience that rewards visitors with breathtaking vistas as they navigate between these serene bodies of water.

The Magic of El Nido

Situated further north on Palawan Island lies El Nido—an extraordinary destination known for its awe-inspiring archipelagos and unspoiled beaches. The Bacuit Archipelago in El Nido is a treasure trove of natural wonders. Its numerous islands adorned with majestic limestone formations rise dramatically from the emerald waters, creating an otherworldly ambiance that feels straight out of a dream.

Among the archipelago’s many hidden gems is Big Lagoon, a picturesque oasis tucked between towering cliffs. As you glide through its calm waters on a kayak or paddleboard, the sheer grandeur of your surroundings will leave you spellbound.

The lagoon’s tranquility offers moments of serenity and an opportunity to commune with nature in its purest form. El Nido also boasts Secret Beach, aptly named for its secluded nature and entrancing beauty.

Accessible only through a narrow crevice in a limestone cliff, this hidden haven transports visitors to an exclusive paradise. As you step onto its soft sands embraced by rugged cliffs, you’ll instantly feel like the privileged discoverer of an unspoiled paradise.

Choosing the Right Destination

When it comes to planning your tropical getaway, selecting the right destination is crucial for ensuring a truly memorable experience. Both Coron and El Nido offer unparalleled natural beauty and thrilling adventures but cater to different preferences and interests. If you are an avid diver or history enthusiast fascinated by underwater mysteries, Coron’s shipwrecks and vibrant marine life will enchant you.

On the other hand, if island-hopping amidst breathtaking landscapes and exploring hidden beaches ignite your wanderlust, El Nido’s Bacuit Archipelago will be your ticket to bliss. Ultimately, choosing between Coron and El Nido depends on what resonates with your soul—a decision that will shape your journey into this tropical wonderland according to your desires and aspirations.

ParametersEl NidoCoron
LocationThe northern tip of Mainland PalawanBusuanga Island, North of Palawan
Scenic BeautyTowering limestone cliffs, hidden lagoonsPristine lakes, stunning diving sites
Famous AttractionsSmall Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret LagoonKayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Barracuda Lake
Island HoppingShimizu Island, Nacpan BeachMalcapuya Island, Banana Island, Bulog Dos
Diving and SnorkelingLimited dive sites, snorkeling opportunitiesFamous shipwrecks, diverse marine life
Crowds and DevelopmentMore developed, larger crowdsLess crowded, laid-back atmosphere
Tourist InfrastructureWell-developed facilities and amenitiesLimited infrastructure, more rustic charm
Overall AtmosphereBustling and livelyRelaxed and tranquil
BeachesSeven Commandos Beach, Nacpan BeachCYC Beach, Malcapuya Island, Banol Beach
LagoonsSmall Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret LagoonKayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Barracuda Lake
Hiking TrailsTaraw Cliff, Canopy Walk, Nagkalit-kalit FallsMount Tapyas, Maquinit Hot Spring, Calauit Safari Park
Underwater WondersEl Nido Marine Reserve, Dilumacad IslandCoron Bay, Barracuda Lake, Siete Pecados
Water ActivitiesKayaking, paddleboarding, island hoppingSnorkeling, diving, wreck exploration
Scenic ViewpointsMatinloc Shrine, Las Cabanas BeachMt. Tapyas View Deck, Maquinit Hot Spring
Cultural ExperiencesVisiting local communities, cultural showsVisiting indigenous tribes, learning local traditions
NightlifeBars, live music performancesA less crowded, laid-back atmosphere
Accommodation OptionsResorts, hotels, beachfront villasResorts, budget accommodations, guesthouses
CuisineSeafood, local Filipino dishesFresh seafood, local specialties
Environmental ImpactSustainable tourism efforts, eco-friendly practicesEfforts to protect marine life, conservation initiatives
Natural LandscapesTowering limestone cliffs, pristine islandsMajestic rock formations, scenic coastal views
Photography OpportunitiesStunning landscapes, island vistasDramatic seascapes, underwater photography
Sunset ViewsLas Cabanas Beach, Corong Corong BeachMt. Tapyas View Deck, Maquinit Hot Spring
Wildlife EncountersEl Nido Wildlife Rescue Center, bird watchingBars, the local nightlife scene
Rock FormationsTaraw Cliff, Matinloc ShrineTwin Peaks, Skeleton Reef
Romantic GetawayHidden beaches and secluded covesIntimate island settings, quiet atmosphere
Off-the-Beaten-PathNacpan-Calitang Twin Beach, Duli BeachDitaytayan Island, Malcapuya Island
Water TemperatureWarm tropical waters year-roundWarm tropical waters year-round
RelaxationBeachfront massages, spa retreatsHot springs, therapeutic mud baths
Adventure SportsCliff jumping, ziplining, rock climbingScuba diving, snorkeling, cliff diving
ShoppingSouvenir shops, local handicraftsLocal markets, handicrafts, traditional wares
Night Sky ViewingStargazing at secluded beachesStargazing boat tours, uninhabited islands
Historical SitesA centralized town with easy access to amenitiesWWII shipwrecks, historical ruins
FestivalsEl Nido Art Festival, Lio Beach FestCoron Harvest Festival, Palarong Panglao
Coron vs El Nido: Exploring Two Captivating Tropical Destinations

Geographical Overview

Location and Accessibility of Coron and El Nido

Coron and El Nido are both located in the province of Palawan, which is situated in the western part of the Philippines. Despite being part of the same province, these two destinations have distinct locations. Coron is found on the eastern side of Busuanga Island, while El Nido is situated at the northernmost tip of mainland Palawan.

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To reach Coron, most travelers fly into Francisco B. Reyes Airport (also known as Busuanga Airport), which offers domestic flights from major cities like Manila and Cebu. El Nido, on the other hand, has its own airport called Lio Airport that serves domestic flights from Manila.

Unique Geographical Features of Both Destinations

Coron and El Nido boast breathtaking geographical features that make them stand out as world-class destinations. In Coron, visitors are greeted by towering limestone cliffs jutting out from turquoise waters, creating a stunning backdrop for exploration.

These limestone formations not only provide a striking visual appeal but also offer opportunities for activities such as rock climbing or cliff diving for adrenaline seekers. El Nido also doesn’t fall short when it comes to its unique geographical marvels.

One cannot help but be captivated by the Bacuit Archipelago, a cluster of limestone islands with towering karsts rising majestically from clear azure waters. The islands form a labyrinthine network of lagoons, hidden beaches, and secret coves waiting to be discovered by adventurous souls.

Climate and Best Time to Visit Each Destination

Both Coron and El Nido enjoy tropical climates all year round with relatively consistent temperatures ranging from 25 to 32 degrees Celsius (77 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit). However, there are slight differences in their weather patterns that may influence your choice of when to visit. Coron experiences a typically dry season, ideal for outdoor activities and water-based adventures, from December to May.

The wet season in Coron falls between June and November, characterized by occasional rain showers that can limit certain activities. Nevertheless, even during the rainy season, Coron’s natural beauty remains enchanting, with lush greenery and fewer tourists.

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El Nido shares a similar weather pattern with Coron; however, it enjoys a slightly longer dry season that extends from November to May. This makes El Nido an excellent destination for visitors seeking sunny days and calm seas for island hopping tours or beach lounging.

The wet season in El Nido spans from June to October when occasional thunderstorms occur. Despite the rain showers during this period, El Nido still retains its charm as it showcases its vibrant flora against dramatic cloudy skies.

Choosing the best time to visit either destination ultimately depends on personal preferences and desired activities. Whether you prefer basking under the sun or immersing yourself in nature’s beauty in more tranquil weather, both Coron and El Nido offer unforgettable experiences year-round.

Natural Attractions


Coron, a picturesque gem in the Philippines, offers a plethora of natural attractions that will leave nature enthusiasts in awe. One of its standout features is Coron Bay, an underwater graveyard of World War II shipwrecks. Diving enthusiasts flock to this majestic site to explore the haunting beauty of these sunken vessels.

As you descend into the depths, you’ll witness an underwater museum where history and marine life coexist. The coral-encrusted wrecks are home to vibrant tropical fish, making them a haven for underwater photographers seeking remarkable shots.

If you seek tranquility amidst breathtaking surroundings, Kayangan Lake is a must-visit destination within Coron. Known as the cleanest lake in the Philippines, its crystal-clear turquoise waters beckon visitors to take a dip and revel in nature’s splendor.

Imagine yourself gliding through its refreshing embrace while being surrounded by towering limestone cliffs that reflect perfectly on the calm surface. Snorkelers will be delighted by the diverse marine life beneath them as they explore the hidden wonders lurking beneath the lake’s tranquil facade.

Twin Lagoon is another natural wonder that sets Coron apart from other destinations. As you sail through its emerald waters, you’ll encounter a unique sight: two interconnected lagoons framed by towering limestone formations.

To enter the inner lagoon, visitors must swim or kayak through a narrow crevice during low tide or navigate an opening revealed only during high tide. Once inside this hidden paradise, prepare to be mesmerized by its ethereal beauty—a serene oasis adorned with turquoise waters and lush greenery.

Stunning Coron, Palawan with crystal-clear turquoise waters and lush green surroundings.
Coron, Palawan Phograph:

El Nido

El Nido captivates travelers with its captivating natural attractions and pristine landscapes. The Bacuit Archipelago stands as one of El Nido’s crown jewels, comprising a cluster of islands adorned with towering limestone formations. Embarking on an island hopping tour allows you to immerse yourself in the archipelago’s awe-inspiring beauty.

Marvel at the dramatic cliffs that seem to emerge dramatically from the turquoise waters, evoking a sense of wonder and enchantment as you explore each secluded island. Big Lagoon, a serene sanctuary nestled within El Nido, mesmerizes visitors with its sheer tranquility.

Surrounded by majestic limestone cliffs that tower above crystal-clear waters, this lagoon presents an idyllic setting for kayaking or paddleboarding adventures. Glide along the calm surface and feel at one with nature as you soak in the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you.

The occasional glimpse of marine life swimming beneath only adds to the enchantment of this natural paradise. For those seeking exclusivity and hidden treasures, Secret Beach is a must-visit while in El Nido.

Accessible only through a small crevice in a cliff during low tide, this secluded beach offers an unparalleled sense of escape and serenity. As you step foot onto its pristine shores, enclosed by towering cliffs on all sides, you’ll feel as though you’ve discovered your own private paradise—a slice of heaven preserved just for intrepid travelers like yourself.

Scenic view of El Nido, Palawan
Discover the paradise of El Nido, Palawan, with its stunning natural beauty and crystal-clear waters.

Activities and Adventures


Scuba diving: Explore the underwater world filled with vibrant coral reefs and marine life around shipwrecks.

In Coron, diving enthusiasts are in for a treat as it is home to an array of well-preserved World War II shipwrecks. Embark on a remarkable journey beneath the waves and witness these historic relics that have become natural habitats for an abundance of marine life.

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Dive into the depths of Barracuda Lake or Skeleton Wreck and be captivated by the surreal beauty that lies beneath the surface. Encounter an eclectic mix of colorful corals, and schools of tropical fish, and maybe even catch a glimpse of a majestic sea turtle gliding gracefully through the water.

Island hopping: Discover stunning islands like Malcapuya Island and Banana Island.

One cannot visit Coron without experiencing its breathtaking island hopping tours. Hop aboard a traditional Filipino outrigger boat and sail through crystal-clear waters surrounded by lush greenery.

Explore enchanting islands such as Malcapuya Island, with its pristine white sandy beaches and brilliant turquoise waters perfect for swimming or simply lounging under the shade of palm trees. Visit Banana Island, known for its idyllic surroundings and serene atmosphere ideal for relaxation away from the crowds.

Hot springs: Relax in natural hot springs amidst lush greenery.

For those seeking a more soothing experience amidst nature’s embrace, Coron offers tranquil hot springs nestled amidst verdant landscapes. Immerse yourself in warm mineral-rich waters while being surrounded by lush greenery, creating an oasis of calmness and rejuvenation. The Maquinit Hot Springs is a popular choice among visitors, thanks to its therapeutic properties that soothe both body and soul after days filled with adventure.

El Nido:

Snorkeling or diving at Tubbataha Reef

El Nido is renowned for its natural wonders, and one such marvel is the Tubbataha Reef. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this underwater paradise boasts an incredible diversity of marine life and coral formations. Strap on your snorkel or diving gear and immerse yourself in a vibrant world beneath the waves.

Swim alongside schools of tropical fish, marvel at the stunning coral gardens, and perhaps even encounter graceful sea turtles or reef sharks. The experience at Tubbataha Reef is truly awe-inspiring and will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.


As you explore the activities and adventures available in both Coron and El Nido, it becomes evident that each destination offers unique experiences that cater to different preferences. Whether you are an avid diver wanting to explore historic shipwrecks in Coron or seeking tranquility while snorkeling amidst the pristine waters of Tubbataha Reef in El Nido, both destinations have something remarkable to offer.

Choose Coron if you are captivated by history, exhilarated by adventurous dives into the depths, and enticed by island hopping tours amidst stunning landscapes. Opt for El Nido if you are drawn to natural wonders like Tubbataha Reef, where vibrant marine ecosystems provide endless opportunities for exploration.

No matter which destination appeals to your senses, rest assured that both Coron and El Nido offer extraordinary experiences surrounded by unparalleled beauty. Embark on your journey with excitement in your heart, knowing that unforgettable moments await beyond every shoreline and beneath each wave.


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